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Read Write & Type - Educational Reading Software ProgramAbout Talking Fingers

For families and schools using our legacy CD software editions on older operating systems, here are patches for those operating systems. (NOTE: CD editions are NOT compatible with Windows 7 and Mac 10.6 or later.)


CD Edition Resources

  1. Read, Write & Type Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  2. Wordy Qwerty Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  3. Wordy Qwerty Manual (PDF)
  4. Wordy Qwerty Installation Guide (PDF)
  5. Wordy Qwerty Program Guide (PDF)

Notice to Windows XP and Mac 10.4.7 and 10.4.8 Users

If you are having trouble with Spaceship Challenge accessing your Read, Write & Type student names, you can download our patch to remedy the problem, at: Spaceship Challenge Patch

Wordy Qwerty 1.4

Wordy Qwerty version 1.4 fixes incompatibilities with Quicktime 7.5 when running under Vista, as well as some other resource problems. To install: Download and replace the following files in your Wordy Qwerty folder

  1. "Wordy Qwerty" application
  2. "WQ Assessment" application
  3. "General" folder (inside the "Resource" folder)
  4. "Interface" folder (inside the "Resource" folder)
To download: right click the links below and "Save Target As" (Mac users: "Save Link As") WordyQwerty1.4.zip right click here »
WordyQwerty1.4.dmg right click here »



We are continually adding additional languages to the audio ESL HELP feature of Read, Write & Type, to make the program a more useful tool for learning to read and write in English as a second language. Our CD Version 3.4 contains audio help files in Arabic, Malay and Spanish. We've now added audio help in Farsi, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Tagalog and Korean and will soon add help in Hindi and Vietnamese.

ESL Resources

To update your CD-based version of Read, Write & Type with the most current languages available, download the compressed folder on this page, titled ESL_Resources.zip , to your hard drive. Uncompress the folder, review the "READ ME" document inside the folder, and follow the directions.


This folder contains .PRD and .PRS help files for six languages: Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, Malay (Bahasa Melayu), Mandarin and Spanish. To add these help files to your Read, Write & Type program:

  1. Highlight ALL the files in the folder
  2. Copy and paste ALL the files into the "Resource" folder within the "Read, Write & Type" folder on your hard drive.
  3. If asked if you want to replace any files with the same name(s) already in the "Resource" folder, choose "yes."
The next time you start Read, Write & Type, students will be able to choose and use ESL HELP in any of the languages available.

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Correlating with State Standards

In order to help schools integrate the Talking Fingers family of products into their curriculum, we have correlated both our software programs with the Language Arts standards of each of the 50 states.