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Read Write & Type - Educational Reading Software Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Read, Write & Type!™ Learning System

Q. What are the System Requirements?
Macintosh Hardware Requirements (both CDs):

Windows Hardware Requirements (both CDs):
Runs on: IBM(r) PC and compatibles, 486 or better, with:

Notice to Win XP users:
For those who are having trouble with Spaceship Challenge not recognizing the names from Read, Write & Type, click here for a patch and instructions to replace your existing Spaceship Challenge launcher. Although it's possible to play Spaceship Challenge without installing the entire program onto your hard drive, you will need to do a complete install in order to use the patch.

Click on the "download patch" link. After downloading the file and decompressing it (When prompted to either open or save the file, save the file to a place you can easily find it.), you will see instructions for installing and replacing the Launcher.

Download the Patch (64 KB)

Q. I have an HP printer with Windows XP and it will not print the RWT certificates.
A. When the Certificate is ready and the Childs name is entered. Press the Alt key and the Print screen key and start either MS Word or MS Publisher then copy and paste the Certificate and just print it from either of these programs.

Q: I have a Macintosh server with 10.3/10.4 server software, and the instructions I received from you are for 10.2 server software. What do I do?
A: Go to our resource page, where you will find a .pdf file with installation instructions for 10.3 and 10.4 servers.

Q: Can first graders handle keyboarding?
A: Yes! Most first graders find keyboarding easier than using a pencil. Typing is often easier for first graders than fourth graders, because they haven't yet formed the "hunt and peck" habits that can create frustration and delays later on.

Q: How will the Read, Write & Type!™ Learning System help my child?
A: RWT!™ offers a revolutionary approach to learning to read and write, based on a multi-sensory method that combines phonics with whole language and the skills of reading and writing with keyboarding, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Q: How does the Read, Write & Type!™ Learning System compare with other reading methods?
A: No other reading program compares to RWT!™ Most programs require a huge investment of time, use boring drill-and-practice techniques, teach only a few hundred words, have primitive graphics, and only offer "canned" help like "That's not it, try again." RWT!™ is easy to use, fun, interactive, and can diagnose your child's strengths and weaknesses and prescribe appropriate activities. Simply put, Read, Write & Type™! Learning System is the most effective reading method available for your child.

Q: Does the Read, Write & Type™! Learning System work for children of different ability levels?
A: Absolutely. RWT!™ was designed by a neuropsychologist to have multiple "safety nets" and be effective with a wide variety of children. Children learn at their own pace, with highly motivating games and feedback.

Q: Can I assess my child's progress within the Read, Write & Type™! Learning System?
A: Yes! The Bonus Blimp keeps track of performance and sends children back to activities they may need to practice. The Hall of Fame Certificates show what levels have been completed, and the Power Fountain keeps track of keyboarding speed and accuracy.

Q: Can the Read, Write & Type!™ Learning System be used with ESL and bilingual students?
A: The Read, Write & Type™! Learning System is specially designed for children making a transition to English, because they see, hear and type sentences that familiarize them with new vocabulary words as well as the syntax, spelling, and punctuation of English. In addition, RWT!™ has built-in help and instructions in Spanish, Arabic, and Bahasa Melayu (the language of Indonesia and Malaysia).

Q: Why is the Read, Write & Type™! Learning System so successful?
A: Associating each speech sound with a finger stroke is a very powerful teaching strategy that incorporates "motor memory". RWT!™ lets children use a range of senses—their eyes, ears, mouths and fingers—to learn phonics while writing whole words and sentences.

Q: I am having problems getting Spaceship Challenge to recognize the names of the Read, Write & Type program.
A: Please use the new applications to launch the programs.


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Correlating with State Standards

In order to help schools integrate the Talking Fingers family of products into their curriculum, we have correlated both our software programs with the Language Arts standards of each of the 50 states.