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Privacy Statement: Suggestions for Parents

While we believe talkingfingers.com provides a safe on-line environment for kids to learn about and explore the world, there are many Internet sites that don't provide such safety. We encourage you to monitor your children's use of the Internet and to become familiar with the Web sites your children visit. To help protect your children's privacy on the Internet, we suggest taking the following precautions:

For more information about on-line safety for your children, check out A Parents Guide to Internet Safety, published on the web site of the FBI.

Controlling Content on Your iPad

Under Restrictions, you'll find various options beneath Allowed Content. These allow you to control the content that is shown/allowed for download on iTunes TV Shows, Music and Movies. If you think your kid would be taking a look at content on iTunes (like Music, TV Shows etc.), make sure you've set the ratings appropriately.

App Store - Remembering the Password For A Purchase

A feature-addition to iOS 6 was that you no longer have to enter your Apple ID password for every purchase you make from the App Store. This is a feature that some might think enhances usability, but for parents with kids around, there's a risk.

If you just downloaded an app (in the process, entered your Apple ID password), you can buy/download apps or content from App Store without entering the password again for the next 15 minutes. What if your kid opens the App Store right after you downloaded and app and made some purchases?

To prevent this from happening, you can go back to the older feature (in iOS 5) where every time your purchase something on the App Store, you are asked to enter your Apple ID password. Here's how:

Disable Installing and Deleting Apps from iPhone and iPad:

With kids, there's no saying what will happen. One of yours might just accidentally delete an app! There's nothing shocking about it today because Apple's iCloud storage makes sure you can get back your apps at all times. But just in case you ran out of luck and you didn't enable iCloud sync and your kid got so far as to delete an app?

You can disable that too.

Privacy Statement
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Suggestions for Parents

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Correlating with State Standards

In order to help schools integrate the Talking Fingers family of products into their curriculum, we have correlated both our software programs with the Language Arts standards of each of the 50 states.