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Read Write & Type - Educational Reading Software Program

Read, Write & Type Learning System™ HOME EDITION

Read, Write and Type!

Home Edition

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Dear Talking Fingers' Customers:

Because the price of paper and printing continues to rise, we have opted to keep our software prices affordable by offering our 18 Reading Books in digital rather than paper format. Don't be dismayed. Your children can still read and print the level-appropriate stories from our web site, where they are available as printable PDF files. We hope you will encourage your children to visit our site after completing each level of the program, where they can read the stories for that level, as a way of rewarding them for their work. Please visit us, at: http://www.talkingfingers.com/stories to enjoy them.

Thanks, as always, for your patronage.

The folks at Talking Fingers

The Read, Write & Type Learning System™ Learning System adventure takes place in a fantasy world inside the computer. A lively gang of storytellers (Ann the Ant, Bud, the Banjo Cass the Cat, etc.) live in two houses that look like the two halves of a keyboard. A mischievous computer villain called Vexor tries to steal the letters and prevent the storytellers from writing down their stories. Two Helping Hands, Lefty and Rightway, help children foil Vexor through 40 exciting levels, building hundreds of animated sentences and stories as they go. Children are rewarded with certificates of advancement after every four letters.



This 3-CD set includes:

System Requirements:

Macintosh Hardware Requirements (both CDs):

Windows Hardware Requirements (both CDs):
Runs on: IBM(r) PC and compatibles, 486 or better, with:

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Correlating with State Standards

In order to help schools integrate the Talking Fingers family of products into their curriculum, we have correlated both our software programs with the Language Arts standards of each of the 50 states.