Message to Parents: Your kids only learn to read once!

Avery & Mom readingYour child will only learn to read and write once! Don’t miss it!

Sometimes it happens in the space of a few short months. You can play a vital role, and it may be one of the most significant things you and your child ever do together. Reading and writing are the most important skills children learn for success and happiness in school and beyond.

Learning to read and write is a staggering accomplishment, much more difficult than learning to speak and to understand speech. Becoming literate is one of the most essential major learning experiences of modern life. It is a valuable tool for personal expression, and a doorway to the written wisdom of the brightest and most interesting members of the human tribe since history began.

I believe that computers offer an extraordinary opportunity for parents to participate in this critical learning experience with their children. Educational software and learning materials provid a unique framework for short enjoyable day-to-day lessons. A few minutes each day is all that it takes.

You will learn to help your child hear and identify the individual sounds in spoken words and represent those sounds with letters. Each of the 40 sounds can be made visible with a simple fingers-stroke on the keyboard. With these three skills, children can learn to write any word in their vocabulary – five or six thousand words for most first graders. (Spelling correctly will develop as they practice). There are only 40 sounds in English and 40 lessons to play. Play together 30 minutes/day for a week!

You’ll have so much fun, you won’t want to stop!Jeannine & kids

It’s easy! You’ll find a way to continue after a week, because you will realize that you are making an enormous difference. The lessons you learn on a computer can translate into real-life games as well, that you can play with your child in the car, or at the kitchen table. Spend the time finding the perfect computer program to use with your child. Then spend the time learning together. You won’t regret it.

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