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Don’t let the health crisis become a learning crisis! There are wonderful ways that children can learn and keep up their studies at home. The Talking Fingers Team has decided to make our online 40 lesson systematic encoding curriculum available FREE to parents anywhere in the world for 6 month subscriptions. Read, Write & Type, designed by neuropsychologist Dr.Jeannine Herron, was funded by the National Institute of Child Development (NICHD), researched by Dr. Joseph Torgesen, and has voice-over help in nine languages. It has been shown to improve reading and writing (and touch-typing) skills for emerging readers, children who struggle with reading, and children who are learning English as a second language. It is an engaging game, where players try to foil a grumpy virus who doesn’t like stories.  They learn to segment spoken words, and link the speech sounds to letters, (and also to a finger-strokes on the keyboard).  Their fingers are “talking” as they sound-out and type hundreds of words phrases and sentences.