Read Write & Type - Educational Reading Software Program

Talking Fingers Inc.

The Read, Write & Type Learning System and Wordy Qwerty are both rich, multi-sensory, multi-modal software programs on their own. But together, they also make an engaging and effective reading enrichment package for grades K-4. Children who have learned to touch-type with the Read, Write & Type Learning System, will have the advantage of and the opportunity to practice their keyboarding skills while learning more advanced spelling and word-building skills with Wordy Qwerty.

So we've packaged both programs together and are selling them as the K-4 Reading Bundle. Buying the discounted bundle is a great way to save money and give youngsters a powerful boost in developing their language arts skills.

To learn more about either the Read, Write & Type Learning System or Wordy Qwerty, please click through their pages on our web site. If you're ready to purchase the K-4 Reading Bundle, click here.