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Innovative Phonics-to-Fluency Software for Hands-on Reading and Spelling

We are no longer offering our products free. Hopefully the world is returning to normal and so are we.  We are going back to our regular low prices. Email us with questions:

“ Although the first few times she needed some help, she has started to recognize letters, shapes & sounds the more she uses Talking Shapes.  I have been impressed with how much she has learned & can remember over the last several weeks. When given free time, she will often choose Talking Shapes.”

Lisa T - Home Schooling Parent

“The content of this Talking Shapes is fantastic. The story and games are very well done.”

Heather A - Home Schooling Parent

“Even though we have had some minor successes with other programs, Jude really hasn't been able to crack the code of reading.  Since we started this, he is starting to sound out words, and recognize component sounds.  He's not quite reading yet, but he's so much closer than he's ever been before.”

Meg F - Home Schooling Parent

“My kids liked the interactive components of the app. When a story is read, the child can touch the screen to make things happen. For example, they can make a little fish jump out of the water or pop a thought bubble.”

Joanie B - Home Schooling Parent

Talking Shapes

Online/Tablet Apps, PreK – K

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A set of stories and games that teach children how spoken words are made of sounds, how letters can stand for sounds, and how letters can be drawn to make words.

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Read, Write & Type

Online for grades K – 2

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Our flagship software integrates phonics, reading, writing & keyboarding in a 40-lesson adventure linking each speech sound to a letter & finger stroke on the keyboard, as users pronounce, segment, type & spell hundreds of words!

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Wordy Qwerty

Online for grades 2 – 4

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This follow-up to Read, Write & Type demystifies spelling and teaches children to recognize frequently repeated patterns in words. Includes 20 catchy songs to remember spelling rules!

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Correlating with State Standards

In order to help schools integrate the Talking Fingers family of products into their curriculum, we have correlated both our software programs with the Language Arts standards of each of the 50 states.