Dr. Leslie Grimm

Developer of Read, Write & Type

Dr. Leslie Grimm, co-founder of The Learning Company, author of the best-selling Reader Rabbit

Dr. Leslie Grimm, co-founder of The Learning Company, author of the best-selling Reader Rabbit

Leslie Grimm, the co-developer and producer of Read, Write & Type, received her Ph.D. in Biology from Stanford University. While volunteering in her daughter’s school in the 1970’s, she witnessed the introduction of Apple computers into the classroom. She immediately recognized the need for simple yet effective educational programming, and discovered she enjoyed the process of software design.

Dr. Grimm went on to become one of the original founders of The Learning Company where she served as the Director of Research and Development. She was the author of many Learning Company products, including: “Reader Rabbit 1”, “Magic Spells”, “Moptown Parade”, “Moptown Hotel”, “Bumble Games”, “Bumble Plot”, and co-author on “MetroGnomes Music”, “Writer Rabbit”, “Think Quick!” “Robot Odyssey”, “Gertrude’s Secrets”, “Gertrude’s Puzzles”, and “Rocky’s Boots”. In addition, Dr. Grimm was lead author on Broderbund products “The Playroom”, “Treehouse” and “The Backyard”.

Dr. Grimm has dedicated her life to developing educational materials that help children in all aspects of learning. She is the creator of best-selling educational software for young children. After researching the unique challenges that face the Deaf community in acquiring literacy, she authored specialized training materials in Cued Speech – a visual/manual phonics-based communication system used with the Deaf to convey English or other spoken languages (www.abcdeaf.com). Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), Dr. Grimm volunteers in the Fremont School for the Deaf, and continues to develop innovative software to teach English literacy skills to deaf children. As a consultant, she brings her expertise on educational software design to many educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs. She has been a valuable consultant for Wordy Qwerty and Talking Shapes as well.

Dr. Grimm is President of Educators’ Software, the company she established in 1979, located in Mountain View, California. She has two daughters and makes time to share her love of reading with her granddaughter Calin.