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Download Background Information on Talking Fingers ™

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Download Images of the Read, Write & Type™ Learning System

Screen Shots

  • Main RWT Screen: JPEG (450K) | TIFF (3,256K)
  • Sound Identification Screen: JPEG (380K) | TIFF (101K)
  • Blending Screen: JPEG (373K) | TIFF (86K)
  • Storyteller Screen: JPEG (247K) | TIFF (246K)
  • E-Mail Tower Screen: JPEG (265K) | TIFF (68K)
  • Typing Screen: JPEG (360K) | TIFF (267K)
  • Certificate Screen: JPEG (424K) | TIFF (111K)
  • Spaceship Challenge Screen: JPEG (222K) | TIFF (490K)


  • RWT Box: TIFF (1,221K) | PDF (31K)
  • Jeannine Herron with CD-ROM: JPEG (277K) | TIFF (3,850K)
  • Jeannine Herron with kids: JPEG (454K) | TIFF (3,158K)
  • Mother and daughter using RWT: JPEG (36K) | TIFF (984K)

Download Images of Wordy Qwerty™

Screen Shots

  • Patterns Screen: JPEG (72dpi-164K) | JPEG (300dpi-2.1MB)
  • Karaoke Screen: JPEG (72dpi-76K) | JPEG (300dpi-1.9MB)
  • Recycler Screen: JPEG (72dpi-120K) | JPEG (300dpi-2.5MB)
  • Pop-a-Word Screen: JPEG (72dpi-164K) | JPEG (300dpi-2.3MB)
  • Write Stories: JPEG (72dpi-104K) | JPEG (300dpi-2.3MB)
  • Read Stories: JPEG (72dpi-96K) | JPEG (300dpi-2.1MB)
  • Music Machine Reward: JPEG (72dpi-96K) | JPEG (300dpi-2MB)


  • Wordy Qwerty Binder cover: TIFF (72dpi-184K) | TIFF (300dpi-2MB)
  • Boy w/WQ: JPEG (72dpi-60K) | JPEG (300dpi-364K)
  • Girls w/WQ: JPEG (72dpi-108K) | JPEG (300dpi-960K)


  • Comprehensive list of programs: PDF

Download Images of Talking Shapes™

Screen Shots

  • Talking Shapes Opening Page JPEG (72dpi-90KB)  JPEG (300dpi-520KB)
  • Talking Shapes Icon  JPEG (72dpi-38KB)  JPEG (300dpi-140KB)
  • One Story Image  JPEG (72dpi-238KB)  JPEG (300dpi-1.8MB)
  • Image from Story JPEG (72dpi-501KB)  JPEG (300dpi-3.3MB)
  • Images from Spelling Section JPEG (72dpi-319KB)  JPEG (300dpi-2.3MB)


  • Kids at Head Start program JPEG (72dpi-600KB) JPEG (300dpi-4.3MB)
  • More Kids at Head Start program JPEG (72dpi-590KB) JPEG (300dpi-4.4MB)
  • Boy using Talking Shapes  JPEG (72dpi-773KB) JPEG (300dpi-2.1MB)